Valentine’s Special Show Mike Gaffney & Bob Lauver

FEBRUARY 9, 2018 09:00PM $15.00
FEBRUARY 10, 2018 07:00PM $15.00
FEBRUARY 10, 2018 09:00PM $15.00

Mike Gaffney was a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing NBC. Mike grew up in a tough New Jersey neighborhood where he quickly learned he needed to get tough or get funny…He’s not that tough but Mike Gaffney is very funny. Mike’s style of comedy is very conversational discussing day to day life not only as a single dad but as a friend, son, uncle and all around good guy. Wherever Mike performs, whether it be in a New York City comedy club or a town fundraiser, Mike wins audience’s love and respect with his personal take on life and fatherhood. People all over, find Mike very relate-able and likable. His high energy and quick wit keep audiences engaged and entertained the entire time.
Mike took to the stage at 32 which is a little older than most. He spent a few years grinding it out before taking a break like many comics do.  In 2009, Mike decided that his love for comedy was too strong, so he hit the stage full speed ahead and hasn’t slowed down. Mike works regularly at most clubs in NYC as well as comedy clubs up and down the east coast. You can also hear Mike on his weekly podcast “The Disgruntle Dad.”

Featuring is the amazingly funny Bob Lauver

After seeing a lot of the world in the U.S. Navy, Bob found a career in the hospitality industry including owning a country night club/restaurant.  All these things led him to a comedy stage with plenty to talk about.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, like Louie Anderson, Tom Arnold, Steve-O, John Witherspoon,Bill Bellamy,and many, many more.  Making people laugh is what he was meant to do.

 A true professional that can entertain everyone from an all ages crowd to a late night club crowd. He has memorable bits that stay with people and cause laughter long after the show has ended.


The show will be held inside the amazing Altana Lounge 26 East King Street, Lancaster, PA

You are welcome to eat dinner before & after the show.  Dining Reservations are available by calling the Altana directly at (717) 690-2347.  _______________________________________________________________


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This is a Special Event and passes and discounts are not accepted.