Mike Aronin & Kenney Josephs

MARCH 23, 2019 07:30PM $15.00
MARCH 23, 2019 09:30PM $15.00

Michael Aronin is a nationally acclaimed comedian who brings humor to his audiences how to get past personal shortcomings and move forward productively.  He is hilarious!

His outstanding efforts have been recognized by such prominent media sources as ABC TV, CBS TV, NBC TV, Fox Television, The Baltimore Sun, and The Baltimore Business Journal. Michael will captivate your audience and provide them with a new positive outlook on setting and obtaining goals.

As a physically challenged member of the business community, Michael provides a new perspective for overcoming obstacles that goes far beyond “textbook knowledge.” Combining his personal experience with existing facts, Michael makes an impact on his audiences in a way that lifts their spirits and motivates them to improve their abilities in the workplace without apprehension, while making them smile.

Featuring is the SUPER FUNNY – Kenney Josephs

Standing an amazing 5’3”, KENNEY JOSEPH’S is short, but he is not a midget! The ‘amazing’ part is that doesn’t stop him from delivering big laughs!

KENNEY JOSEPHS’ love for people brings a sweet sensitivity to his take on topics like dating, the environment, and the problems of mixing drugs with technology.

Born in Harlem and transplanted to Fayetteville, NC, KENNEY JOSEPHS has no boundaries when it comes to how he delivers his jokes. He is not just a comedian for black audiences, he is a comedian for all audiences. KENNEY JOSEPHS’ experiences have put him in front of everything from crowds of unruly people to small herds of quiet, cooperative animals, and he’s killed them all!

KENNEY JOSEPHS recently moved back to the new York city area. He is a regular at the Comedy Cellar and at top comedy clubs across the country & is now in Lancaster.



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Location: The show will be held on 2nd Floor of the amazing Altana Lounge 26 East King Street, Lancaster, PA

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